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12 ArticlesGeneral

The following file formats are accepted:

  • .txt (tab separated/delimited)
  • .xlsx/.xls (Microsoft Excel)
Yes, each record that contains email address data will be verified and AccuValid will return all original input data with the validation result code of each email address.

Yes, AccuValid allows you to validate multiple email addresses within a record. Click the "Add Field" button, and then use the dropdown menu to select the additional field/column containing an email address.

NOTE: You will be charged for each email address validated within a record.

Use the dropdown menu to select the correct field/column containing the email address.
Click the "Remove File" button, and then click the "Back" button to return to the upload screen. (Once the file is mapped the data is scanned to determine the number of email records to verify and provides a preview of the value/records found. The scan is quick, though may take longer for larger files.)
The total number of emails to be validated will appear in the order summary. This is the sum total of every email address being validated within every record within each file.
Depending on the composition and size of the data file, validation can take up to 48 hours.
You will receive an email when your job has finished processing. It will include instructions for logging in and downloading your file(s). This email will be sent to the address associated with your current login.

Your results file and reports will remain available for review or download within your Order History page for 90 days from job completion.

NOTE: We recommend re-validating all email databases no less than every 90 days. It is best to use the most recent version of your file when updating the validation.

If you need more time to complete processing, your session will remain active for up to 24 hours from the session start time.
For the best delivery results, we recommend mailing “V” email addresses first. When looking to retain more email addresses in your database, consider adding “C” and “U” emails. This decision should be made with consideration to the sender threshold designated by your ESP.
No, AccuValid does not remove or change any of the email input data. AccuValid supplies the insights in the form of validation status codes, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your email data, sourcing and marketing efforts. All validation codes are added to the end of each input email record.

3 ArticlesBilling

No contract commitment is required. With the site you pay for your jobs as you process them and pricing is based on the input quantity per job. If you are interested in securing a contracted price point that discounts all jobs per an annual volume commitment we would love to hear from you! Contact your AccuData sales team to learn more about volume discounts today – 1-800-732-3440
Only emails processed through AccuValid are billable. See the full tiered pricing here.
AccuValid charges for each job processed. You will receive a cost summary with each order confirmation via email. As well, you can view your invoice within the Order History page.

3 ArticlesAPI

The AccuValid Web Service API is a RESTful web service providing real-time validation of email addresses. Responses are formatted as JSON-encoded strings.
How email validation works:
  • Verify Syntax is valid, while j~sm is not
  • Verify DNS — "Will the host ev en accept email?"
  • Remove Problem Emails — Identify all known "spam traps," "honeypots," and "screamers"
  • Communicate — Converse with all domains, ISP, and mail servers
  • Return — Receive verified and transmission-ready email addresses in real-time.
Your AccuData account management team will deliver your secret token when setting up your API test account.
Please contact your AccuData account management team to establish your API test account and API key.

5 ArticlesList Upload & Codes

Upload as many files as you need! Each list will be validated separately and returned with a main job name and in numerical order with result codes appended to each respective file.
There is a 52 MB limit at this time. If your file exceeds 1mm records we recommend you split the file into multiple files. You can also send larger files to your sales team for offline processing.

After an email address has been analyzed, AccuValid appends a result code that will appear on the output file you receive.

The codes that are appended to your list provide comprehensive yet understandable insight about each email address. Use this to make informed decisions about deploying to the respective addresses.

Result Code/Description
(A) Email address is invalid; a hard bounce or invalid recipient response was received from the email server
(C) Email address domain verified, appears to be an accept-all domain
(D) Email address domain is invalid and/or does not accept email
(F) Email address is not valid syntax; there are errors in the format of the email or the email contains special characters that are not allowed
(M) Mobile domain, identified as a mobile email address and classified as non-deliverable by the FCC
(O) Email address is identified as being on a global opt-out list
(R) Email address is role-based (such as or
(S) Email address is on one of more blacklists or email address is associated with being screamers/litigators
(T) Associated domain identified as a disposable domain
(U) Domain verified; mailbox undetermined
(V) Email address is valid as we can determine with the ISP (Internet Service Provider)
(W) Email address has been identified as a spam reporter/complainer
(X) Email address has been identified as a SPAM trap
*AccuData Integrated Marketing recommends that only email addresses with a validation status code of "V, "C," or "U" are considered for deployment. Please see the attached Deployment Test Guideline document for more information regarding deploying "C" and "U" status email addresses.

No, if you do not wish to have duplicate email addresses validated, please dedupe your file before uploading.

Don’t worry, it is normal for status to be delayed at 99% as AccuValid diligently works on validating the last few email addresses on your file that may have been temporarily deferred.

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